Monday, December 15, 2003

It's pretty apparent that the M's management has no idea what they are doing. Taking your $90 million and spreading the risk is one thing, spending it foolishly is another. The M's have apparently failed to look at the changing state of baseball economics over the past few years. Smart teams are investing in the best players and using cheap labor to fill in their rosters. The M's appear to be singly handedly trying to keep the middle class of ballplayers alive with their roster "strategy".

Places where you fill in with cheap labor are;
a) Long relief
b) Utility players
c) Places where you can't get good VORP (value over replacement player)

Where have the M's spent money this year?
a) Bullpen, specifically middle relief (Shiggy, Guardado)
b) A fourth outfielder (McCracken)
c) Investing in mediocre position players (Ibanez, Spezio, Guillen and in the past Wilson)

Yes, their payroll will once again be among the league leaders. It should be given their extremely high revenue stream. Once again, they've failed to spend the money wisely.

It's pretty apparent that this team is being run by a staff stuck in the 1980's.


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