Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Omar freaking Visquel ????

Let's get older, worse and spend more money.

IMO the M's should be right in the middle of the A-rod to Boston deal. Boston will have 1 shortstop too many and be looking to restock their farm system with some young arms after this off season of wheeling and dealing. There is no risk in trading Freddy to Boston for even 1 season of Nomar. If he continues his regression out of the shortstop pantheon you might be able to sign him for cheap(er) next season. Even if he leaves as a free agent I'll gladly trade one season of Nomar for a season of Franken Freddy.

Trading for Omar if you don't have an heir apparent in the wings is just plain old foolish. The M's are rapidly becoming the laughingstock of MLB.


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