Tuesday, April 06, 2004

We said we wanted to get away from it all - and we did. I'm coming to you from a 10 min/$1 internet terminal in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia. I just sat down in front of the TV to find out the Mariners score and while spinning the channels I saw the following: Mike Cameron single, steal second and score; Carlos Guillen single driving in a run; and back to Cameron who walked and scored on a double. Then I saw the Mariners score - a 10-5 loss to Anaheim. What a start to the season. I just can't help rooting for the Mets and Tigers. It's not that big a reach for the Tigers to contend. As for the Mets, aside from Edgar, Cameron was my favorite Mariner (he was certainly all the pitcher's favorite) and I just like rooting for him. Better luck tomorrow for the M's.


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