Thursday, October 21, 2004

The M's should not get left out of the bidding for Beltran. This guy is the combo of speed, power and all around ability that can cover up so many holes in a team. He probably covers more ground in center field than Cameron, plays so shallow that it's impossible to go first to third on anything hit through the infield and yet manages to get deep on anything hit over his head.

He's not only fast but he's a smart base stealer as well.

He's everything the Yankees need but they might have higher priorities. You can all thank my other favorite team for exposing the Yankee pitching and giving the Yanquis braintrust a new direction to focus their newest spending effort. Beltran would make the current Mariner team better by 15 wins himself. He's probably a better investment than even Vlad was last year.

Break the bank, make the big splash, sign the best player not named Bonds in the league. Mr. Bill Bavasi, GO GET CARLOS BELTRAN!!

Oh podcast will come next week after Mike gets back from vacation. I'll wax on poetically on how I knew the Sox would pull out a victory (I did predict them in 6 games) and we'll talk about the ALCS, NLCS, World Series and Grover.


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