Friday, June 18, 2004

To any and all readers....

I'm off for an 8 week family vacation. I doubt I'll have much in the way of internet access and when I do the effort will go into blogging the family trip instead of wasting time writing about Bavasi's horrible collection of "talent".

Hopefully I'll be able to catch games in Baltimore, St Louis, Chicago and Minnesota as the gang and I trek across the USA in the family truckasaurus, after making a brief flying detour to Wallyworld in Orlando. Wish me luck.

Mike will blog as time and energy and desire permit.

I picked a good year to be without daily M's access for most of the summer. Shrek sarcasm mode on - I'm sure when I get back they'll have completed some miracle comeback and be fighting for 1st in the division - Shrek sarcasm mode off.


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