Wednesday, December 15, 2004

FYI - I (John) will be attending the M's pizza feed on Saturday. If you're a reader or a listener stop by and say hi. I'll be wearing some sort of bright colored fleece (orange or yellow) and my Ebbett's Field Flannel old style Rainiers jersey. I'll have some sort of recording device to gather comments during the feed for a later podcast. Stop by and give us your $.02 or stop by and give Mike an audio load of crap for blowing off the feed because he's too lazy to pull himself off Bainbridge for a few hours.

I'll also be taking names and email addresses for the simulated baseball league. Sign up and test your skills as a GM. Note that this is not a fantasy league, it is a simulated league using player statistics from the 2004 season. Join up and try and dethrone the 2003 champs (us).


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