Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I just can't let articles like this one go by without a comment. Art Thiel is an idiot if he thinks that the package of Olivo, Morse and Reed was anything but a steal for the M's for Freddy Garcia and Ben Davis.

The M's got 2/10's of their every day starting lineup, plus another potential MLB player for a pitcher that was occasionally brilliant, often bad and mostly mediocre. There is a reason his nickname was FrankenFreddy. You never knew what Garcia would take the mound.

Attempting to suggest the trade was bad writing but Thiel takes it to the extreme when he dares to compare Raul Ibanez to Reed (even couching his opinion by limiting it to this year) and takes it a step further to dare to compare Freddy with Johan Santana. Freddy isn't worthy to carry Santana's towel to the shower.

Even with the M's woeful pitching this season and flameout of their vaunted minor league players I'd make the Freddy trade again in a heartbeat. Freddy is never going to be a HOF pitcher at the level of Johnson or Schilling. He's not going to be a staff ace at the level of Santana or Mussina or even a go to pitcher like Moyer. Trading Freddy was a great deal for the M's when it happened, it's a great deal in hindsight and Thiel is an idiot for suggesting otherwise.

Anyone else notice that Raul has become enamored with the right field porch at Safeco and has become a total pull hitter at home?


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