Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It looks like Jeff at Lookout Landing is tired of people like me who are rooting for the Mariners to lose. I'd like to comment on his list:

Do me a favor and spare us all the bullshit about how you want this team to lose 100 games so that there will be major changes up top.

(1) no you don't

Uh...I do.

(2) it's not an original thought

I never claimed it was.

(3) it's not funny

I'm not trying to be funny.

(4) it's May 6th

Yes, it's May 6th in a season that the M's made moves that can only be construed as making this a win now year...14-20.

(5) this team isn't going to lose 100 games

Probably not, but what's the point of following sports if you can't dream?

(6) there's no evidence that they'd make any major changes

True but each year that have been bad has hurt attendance more and the combination of the moves they made with a epic losing season might - I say, might - help. What other choice is there since I know there is no way then will win with this crew without total crazy luck.

(7) there's no evidence that they'd replace the current guys with anyone better

Certainly the most damming point. My true dream is that it becomes so bad that they sell the team.

(8) executives smart enough to find a better GM wouldn't need a 100-loss season to do it

True but so what?

Seriously, just drop it. It's tired.

Sorry but it's truly how I feel. Anyway, go Liverpool for now and I'll have my season tickets for Sounders FC next year. Maybe they will care about winning.