Thursday, October 28, 2004

Cool! We're (kind of) mentioned in this Philadelphia Inquirer article on podcasting.

Those of you that have been listening to the Podcasts know that I spent the first 26 years of my life living in Massachusetts. I was 11 years old and was allowed to stay up late for the first time in my life in 1975 when Joe Morgan blooped a hit to shallow left center field. That was my introduction into the misery of being a Red Sox fan. In 1978 I rushed home from a soccer practice, turned on the TV and watched Bucky bleepin Dent hit a popup that carried into the screen above the green monster. In 1986 my college roommates and I were dancing around in our rental house at UMass when Johnny Mac and Bill Buckner combined to take years off our lives. We barely bothered watching game 7. Last year I curled up at home and watched in horror as Aaron Boone added another name to the curse mythology.

This year when making our annual pilgrimage back east to visit our extended families I decided to pick up a Red Sox cap. I've been wearing it faithfully for the whole playoffs. Somehow, deep down, I knew that this was the year. Last night I had to leave the house after the 7th inning to play soccer. At around 9:00 I subbed out, there was a new text message on my phone. The moon was in full lunar eclipse. The game was over. The Sox had won. The curse is dead.

The Red Sox can now be like almost every other team. Sox fans can stop waiting for the shoe drop. Now we can just sit back and enjoy the games. I'm a happy guy.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Sodo Oh No Podcast - Episode 2 - 10/25/2004

We have a new episode of the Sodo Oh No podcast for you today. Here is the direct MP3 download. Of course, it's even better if you subscribe to our podcast feed with an iPodder client.

Today we talk about our playoff viewing experiences, give some predictions of the World Series, talk about the Mike Hargrove hiring and discuss (Carlos Beltran) the Mariners' (Carlos Beltran) free agent (Carlos Beltran) options (Carlos Beltran)...we think Carlos Beltran might be a good fit for the team.

Give us feedback on the show by leaving a comment here or sending us a text or audio email. Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The M's should not get left out of the bidding for Beltran. This guy is the combo of speed, power and all around ability that can cover up so many holes in a team. He probably covers more ground in center field than Cameron, plays so shallow that it's impossible to go first to third on anything hit through the infield and yet manages to get deep on anything hit over his head.

He's not only fast but he's a smart base stealer as well.

He's everything the Yankees need but they might have higher priorities. You can all thank my other favorite team for exposing the Yankee pitching and giving the Yanquis braintrust a new direction to focus their newest spending effort. Beltran would make the current Mariner team better by 15 wins himself. He's probably a better investment than even Vlad was last year.

Break the bank, make the big splash, sign the best player not named Bonds in the league. Mr. Bill Bavasi, GO GET CARLOS BELTRAN!!

Oh podcast will come next week after Mike gets back from vacation. I'll wax on poetically on how I knew the Sox would pull out a victory (I did predict them in 6 games) and we'll talk about the ALCS, NLCS, World Series and Grover.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sodo Oh No Podcast - Episode 1 - 10/12/2004

Here is the RSS feed for the first Sodo Ohno podcast

Put this feed into ipodder. The show is around 25 minutes long. Mike and I touch on everything from the current baseball playoffs, M's owners and free agents to Brian Price, Larry Dierker and Scott Boras.

Feel free to drop us comments through this blog post or send us audio and we'll answer questions on the next show.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Mike and I are getting ready to try something new in the area of sports blogging.

Tomorrow we'll be recording 30 minutes of our baseball conversations and distributing it as a podcast. What is podcasting? Click here for a quick summary on podcasting. As we learn more about the format we'll figure out how to bring guests on the "show". Drop us an email at if you're interested. We'll be contacting some of our favorite bloggers to see if they are interested in participating. KOMO 1000 has jumped on the bandwagon and are podcasting many of their newsclips.

Topics for show #1 will be:

Current baseball playoffs, M's search for a new manager, Bavasi, free agents and other things as one subject inevitably leads to another.

We hope you enjoy the new format.....