Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Hello...I wish it were under better circumstances.

Thanks to Metz for letting me join Sodo Oh No. He's off to a great start and I hope I can help. I've been ranting about the M's off season on my personal blog for a few weeks but there's to much other weird stuff there (Magic: the Gathering?!?) to hold a hard-core, enraged fan's interest. Here is a sample. The funny part is I really thought that night, after inexplicably trading for McCracken, that at least it could not get worse. Well, it only took to the next morning and the news of the Omar trade to sink to total hopelessness.

Really, I understand that we fans don't understand everything to goes along with the job of GM. I can appreciate that you can't be up on every new statistical finding (although the M's should have quite enough money to pay people that will keep them up to date, I mean how much does Chuck Armstrong make and what, exactly, does he do...Bavasi/Gillick is the GM, they're lousy with scouting and development guys, and Lincoln is a hands-on owner, what does that leave for Armstrong, is he the Safeco Field office manager?). Hey, I'd love it if Bavasi set his home page to U.S.S Mariner and really tried to understand what the blogsphere had to say. But the Omar deal has absolutely nothing to do with any advanced thinking. Who in their right mind would even consider trading a relatively inexpensive 28-year-old shortstop for a 38-year-old one coming of knee surgery AND costing $3 Million more?

Well, I guess it's not called Sodo Oh No for nothing! Hopefully in some lighter moments I'll talk about what is was like growing a Mariners fan in Pennsylvania in the '80, and for goodness sake why!


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