Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I fail to see the fascination with Rich Aurilia. Sure he's got a little more pop in his bat than Carlos but he's 32 years old and makes 2.5 times the money. Reports in the papers state that the M's want to go after him because he's "been in the middle of the Giants playoff teams". If this is indeed the reason to go after Aurilia my Bavasi centered fears continue to climb.

The only good news is that the M's are only offering a 1 year deal. If we had a competent GM then I'd think we were preparing to make a run at Nomar next year, however we have Bavasi so I think there is no real plan in place except to get rid of Carlos. I'm still trying to figure out why getting rid of a cheap, serviceable shortstop became priority issue #1 for this team. Oh yeah, I forgot that the M's had no plan this offseason.


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