Saturday, December 20, 2003

You probably read Finnigan's piece on Cirillo not allowing the Mariners to trade him to the Mets. Oh my. Look, I don't begrudge players what they make. They get paid what the market dictates and they provide a great service, certainly as worthy as other entertainers who also make more than school teachers. My problem is with Cirillo's attitude. I can't do pull quotes with my hiptop, but Cirillo basically said that if he is going to sit on the bench he'd rather do it in Seattle than in New York. Uh, what ever happened to competing for a starting job? He knows, as we all do, that it's not going to work in Seattle. But does he really think that if he goes to spring training with the Mets and plays well that he won't play? The Mets need all the help they can get.

Cirillo is essentially wanting to get cut..frankly I don't know what happens to him then. Does he become a free agent? If he signs for someone else does he get two paychecks? Either way this is the act of someone who has no pride or confidence in their work.


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