Saturday, April 17, 2004

I'm really getting tired of listening to Rizzzzzzs, Valle and Hendu apologize for the M's on air. Last night I listened to several innings of Rizzs and Valle wax poetically on Chan Ho Park. Some great quotes for the evening....

"This isn't the same pitcher who started the first two games of the season"
(ed: Yes it is, he's exactly the same pitcher, the only difference is that the A's and Angels can actually hit)

"Park has gained 4 to 5 miles an hour on his fastball from last season"
(ed: This was presented with exactly zero evidence, of course this is because it isn't true)

"Park really has that back door slider working tonight"
(ed: The truth is that Park was throwing a series of breaking balls that never broke. They were hangers that the M's never pulled the trigger on. The M's hitting is much worse than I thought entering the season)

I understand the announcers are employed by the team but it doesn't mean I have to like listening to them fall all over themselves praising a 2-8 team lose to a pitcher with a 6+ ERA that can barely find the plate.


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