Friday, April 23, 2004

[ Thu Apr 22, 05:07:21 PM | John Metzger | edit ]
Melvin holds Guardado out of last night's tie ball game in the 9th inning only to use him today in an 8-2 blowout? That's an amazing display of baseball intellect. After watching the past 2 games I truly recognize how important the winning the first two games of this series were. The M's could have easily been swept by Oakland and could currently be sitting at 4-12 after today. How important do those Ibanez blasts look now in retrospect?

I'm getting really close to pushing the panic button on the M's offense (or lack thereof). I see Boone got a day off to think about settling down and not trying to win every game in every at bat. Edgar's OPS is .780, Ichiro's OBP is .324, Aurilia's is .305, Olerud hasn't rebounded and the bench (save Hansen) is as bad as predicted. Starting Cabrera and Bloomquist in a single game is horrible but when you combine them with Aurilia and Wilson the team gives up 4 outs for 9 players. We've only scored 63 runs while giving up 79. That's as telling an indicator as a 6-10 record.

If I was the GM I'd be pounding the phones now. Strike during the post spring training lull and before the mid summer trade action starts. The M's continue to do nothing with their backlog of AAA pitching talent. Time to start playing with the cards you have in your deck. Take on salary or start rebuilding but stop trotting out this team of mediocrity each night.


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