Friday, May 07, 2004

You know the offense on your team is horrible when you're thankful that Dan Wilson hit into a double play instead of the myriad of other bad things that could have happened in that at bat. Ya fraking hoo, a game winning double play ground ball. I'm so excited. Despite Freddy's good numbers last night he really didn't pitch that well. The Twins hack at anything in the dirt and inexplicably let several hanging breaking balls go by. They looked like the M's did against Chan Ho Park. How the heck are those guys in the hunt in the AL Central?

You know as bad as the M's defense has been this year, the offense has been ten times worse. Only Tampa Bay in the American league has scored fewer runs. Remember it was just a few short years ago that the M's lead the major leagues in runs scored. That grand offseason idea of trading defense for offense only works if the players produce offensively.

I'm attending Saturday nights game. Meche vs. Mussina. Moose has traditionally been a M's killer. Not on Pedro level but darn close. The Yankees lead the M's in just about every statistical category except average and stolen bases, but then again who doesn't?


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