Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Ah Kaz. I can't say I'm sorry to see him go but I did enjoy his stay. Kaz was a big part of a fundamental shift in the bullpen turning from biggest weakness to possibly biggest strength. But at this point there are plenty of options to take his place.

Now that Meche and Pineiro are signed this looks to be an unremarkable spring training camp. Baring injury there will be competition for only one position, bullpen lefty. And again there will be an embarrassing wealth of pitching riches log jammed in the minors.

For hitting I'm sure that Bavasi is quite satisfied with his many moves signifying nothing. It may have helped to know about the Kaz money earlier but I doubt it. If they had a chance at all at Vlad they would have had to overpay by a large amount and I don't think that is something this organization will ever do. I don't mind the money being a trade deadline fund...as long as they use it.

I'm feeling generous tonight and thinking that Bavasi has a plan and it involves making a big splash next year when many of the current contracts come off the books.


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