Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Announcing the Mariners Blogsphere Simulated Baseball League

It's the slow time of the off season and I have an idea to pass the time. We challenge all the Mariners bloggers to participate in a simulated draft league. Hopefully we and our readers will find this interesting. Here is the information:

  • The games will be played with the Diamond Mind Baseball computer simulation program using the 2003 season players. The draft will be run with a web draft application that I wrote.
  • One team per Mariners blog. Blogs with multiple authors will have to work out how to decide their draft picks. Use the contact email address from your blog when you create your team so I can tell it is really you.
  • The draft will be 25 rounds in snake order. There will be no player injuries.
  • All batters with at least 100 PA and pitchers with at lease 20 IP are available to draft.
  • After each pick the next team will be automatically notified through email.
  • After 25 rounds I will send out a form to fill out for manager profiles (starting lineups, rotation, bullpen rolls, etc.)
  • I have not decided how fast to play the games. I'm leaning toward playing a month of games over a weekend and then having the week to do profile changes and trades.
  • I will post standings and statistics after each session.
  • For the postseason I'll have the top four team play in playoff rounds. The postseason would be one game per day.
  • I'm certainly willing to listen to feedback to make this better.

    OK, so go to the draft web site and create your time. I'll give it about a week to get teams signed up and see where we are at. Enjoy!


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