Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I've always like John Levesque as a writer. He was really good as a TV critic / reviewer for the PI (we had very similar TV tastes) and I'm glad to see his career as a sports writer moving forward. He had the guts to call Slick Rick on his interview with the 49ers and he's off to a good track applying some independent thought to the Mariners. Rather than being a crusty curmudgeon , he's apparently decided to be a thinker. We'll see how long he's allowed to continue down this path.

Mike and I have been mostly bemoaning the M's bench strength for the past week. The starting 9 will be a little better on offense than last season but woe to the M's if any of their starters go down for any length with an injury. Oh, the horror!

Will Vlad make the Angels the favorites in the AL West? Yeah, I think so. Bill Stoneman has shown the ability to build a good team. He'll figure out that Erstad at 1st base isn't the best solution for the halos and make a move. He's sort of backed himself into a corner signing Guillen and Vlad while already having Erstad and Anderson (it's a nice corner to be in though). Anderson is looking for a contract extension and may price himself out of Anaheim (damn, I'd love to see him patrolling the outfield for the M's next year).


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