Thursday, January 08, 2004

VORP numbers for Carlos Guillen vs what we'll potentially get in trade from the Tigers.

Santiago_Ramon AVG = .225 OBP = .292 SLG = .284 VORP = -10.9
Guillen_Carlos AVG = .276 OBP = .359 SLG = .394 VORP = 24.2

For comparison numbers for replacement Rich Aurilla

Aurilia_Rich AVG = .277 OBP = .325 SLG = .410 VORP = 25.9

Why at a mere cost of 2.5 million aren't the M's hanging on to Guillen to be the utility infielder for this year? If one regular goes down this year the team is doomed. Slot in Willie Bloomquist or any of the other refuse on the bench and you field an offense worse than anemic. Give any regular a day off and you may as well forfeit a batting spot in the order. We may be the first team in baseball history to field a bench with negative VORP. Just (yes, YOU) could go down to pretty much any AAA team, grab a few players and field a bench better than the M's. You (yes, YOU) could do a better job than Bavasi at 1/10th the cost by randomly picking guys off an average AAA affiliate.

I'm disgusted and I really feel sorry for Edgar.....


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