Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Sign the Fire Bavasi petition today !

I listened to part of a Bob Melvin interview today where he spewed out all the corporate BS that got him hired in the first place. Box of rocks mentioned the increased flexibility of the roster this year ( it doesn't matter who you sub in, they all suck), the fact that other than Tejada the M's really didn't see much on the free agent market this year ( why did you sign so many mediocre free agents to multi million dollar contracts then?) and that none of the players received in return for Cirillo is guaranteed to be on the opening day roster ( we all know that Bavasi is going to keep at least one of them around to "show" that the trade was a "good" one.)

I had to turn it off after 5 minutes because I was starting to long for Pinella to come back. The M's are starting to remind me more and more of the movie Office Space every day. They are one of those companies that requires everyone to wear 5 pieces of flair on their uniform to show their individuality. However the pieces of flair have to fit within the strict corporate guidelines that prevent any actual uniqueness to show through.


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