Tuesday, January 27, 2004

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The Sasaki paperwork should be filed today to grant Kazu his unconditional release and then to put him on waivers. This is one case where the fact that baseball is "a gentleman's game" helps out the M's. In real business someone would claim Kaz just to put the screws to the M's.

I really don't understand the "need" to wait until all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed before trying to spend the money. It's not like Kaz had the $8 million in his pocket and it needed to be returned to the M's before they could spend it.

Popular opinion is that the M's will make a run at Pudge. While I agree with Mike that he'd be a significant upgrade at an offensive black hole on the team my endorsement goes to the USS Mariner plan to think outside the box and go after a younger player like Beltran.

Guess this pitching line from last year....

3.15 ERA 85.2 IP 69 H 13 BB 71 K 14 HR .96 WHIP

Give up?

Julio Mateo. I didn't realize just how good his year was until I looked at the numbers. He's got to get the HR numbers down but that's a darn fine year from the last guy in the bullpen.

How about this line....

3.57 ERA 212 IP 199 H 61 BB 99 K 34 HR 1.23 WHIP

Yup, it's Mr. Ryan Franklin...The extremely low K numbers and high K/BB ratio just lends credence to the idea that he should be traded as soon as we can find a team that will over value his ERA and IP.

Compare his numbers to this line from the past...

3.39 ERA 228.1 IP 225 H 60 BB 112 K 1.25 WHIP

Notice the K/BB ratio and closeness in WHIP? Want to guess who this M from the past is (Hint, These are the numbers from his first full season and he was out of baseball in 4 years).

Remember Dave Fleming anyone?


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