Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Congrats to...well, us. Sodo Oh No wins the inaugural MBSBL league by defeating 116ers in a game 7 of the blogsphere world series. Sodo comes through with a 10 run bottom of the 8th inning highlighted by a Jim Edmonds grand slam and a Greg Myers 3 run HR. Brenden Donnely was the sacrificial lamb.

The league was a lot of fun. I always learn a few things playing in these leagues. This season I really realized how important luck is. San Shin went 13 - 27 in 1 run games while Sodo went 34 - 22. On base percentage and slugging percentage are much more important numbers than batting average. Sodo was 8th in the league in team AVG but 3rd in runs scored. How? We were 3rd in OBP and 2nd in SLG. The exact opposite of your 2004 Mariners.

Get pitchers with the highest K/9 and best BB/K ratio you can find. If you walk less batters and strike out more batters than the other staffs you will allow less runs.

I had fun. We'll definitely do it again.


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