Tuesday, May 11, 2004

How do you have 18 base hits and score only 6 runs? Easy, spread 17 singles around 11 innings.

Did ever a team cry out for the addition of a power hitter than the M's of 2003? Did we get a power bat in the off season? No, we got a bunch of singles hitters without even gap power on their resumes.

Some times you need to over pay to get what you need. When I plan a trip on short notice I "overpay" for my airline ticket. When you want that hot new car that's in high demand you pay over list price. When you need a power bat and you have the cash on hand you might pay more than the team without the desperate need. The M's needed power this offseason. Instead we got middle relief, aged nice guy veterans and an over priced Ichiro.

I went to Saturday's debacle. It was bad enough to watch Mussina expectedly mow down the M's but then to watch Meche get hung out to dry in the 6th by Melvin was the stomach punch of the day. The 6th inning started out with Gil having thrown 90 pitches. A-rod at the plate, He crushed a long barely foul ball down the left field line. Then he rips a shot down the line for a double. Meche is at 95 pitches, no one is warming in the pen. Giambi then rips a double to center field that almost went out. Q-man attempting to play center field tries to pull a Cameron and run to a spot and turn around for the ball, Unfortunately Q forgets the whole turn around part and the ball nearly hits him in the back. I'm pretty sure it would have put a 6 inch round hole in his chest if it did. No one gets up in the pen. Meche now at 100 pitches. Sheffield hits a screaming rope about 5 steps to Ibanez left. Raul inexplicably decides to dive over the top of the ball instead of just sticking his glove down to his side and catching the ball. Finally Villone now gets up and begins to warm up. Let's let Gil face one more batter though. Posada isn't tough is he? Gil throws a couple of breaking balls then chucks a heater down the middle and Jorge sticks it in between Ichiro and Q-man for the 4th run of the inning. Gil is now at 105 pitches and his day is over. Melvin is a bonehead. As soon as A-rod teed off someone should have been up throwing in the pen.

Oh yeah...last thing. On Sheffield's subsequent double in the 7th inning, Ichiro approached the ball like it was an explosive mortar. He couldn't have gone after it with less effort if he was in the 7th inning of a beer league game.


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