Monday, May 24, 2004

I went to yesterdays game (at least the 7 innings my 6 year old could eat her way through).

Several positive points are to be made...

1) Melvin brings in Eddie with the game on the line in the 8th inning.
2) Olerud actually hit an opposite field home run.
3) Randy Winn makes an actual good defensive play in center field.
4) Freddy Garcia continues to improve his trade value with 7 innings of 1 run ball.
5) Ichiro! racks up another few hits.
6) Dave Hansen actually drives a runner in from 3rd with less than 2 outs with a sac fly.
7) Pizza outside the park was really cheap (2 for $6) and it was really easy to scalp an additional cheap ticket for daughter #2.

Neagtive points

1) Lack of power continues to haunt the team as they hit into DP after DP.
2) Freddy still has control issues. 114 pitches in 7 innings with close to as many balls as strikes.
3) M's offense still revolves around the requirement to have an amazing set of circumstances collide in a single inning to generate more than 1 run. It requires 5 singles, a hit batter, a walk and an error to put a crooked number on the board.


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