Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lost in the joy of last nights comeback win over the Yankees is the fact that Jamie Moyer pitched poorly for the 4th start in a row. His line last night was a woeful

J Moyer 5.0 8 6 6 3 2 1 101-57 6.11

He allowed 11 baserunners in 5 innings. That is Selesque and doesn't bode well. The fact that it took him 101 pitches to struggle through 5 innings is also a bad indicator. How long do we let Moyer go before admitting 2004 was a strong indicator of his current, true ability and stop waiting for a bounceback 2005 season? The M's have already started tinkering with the rotation, sliding in Mateo and "optioning" Joel to AAA.

BTW - The M's do play the Yankees one more series this year. (Unlike my statement in the podcast). They are done with the BoSox after a single home & away matchup and only get to play Tampa a single home & away this season. If you get some time, take a look at the entire schedule. It's a mess. Frankly I don't remember a season having as many home & away, back to back series against the same teams. They played at Boston & NY, then hosted them. At Tampa, then host them next homestand, At Cleveland, host Detroit, Cleveland then play at Detroit. It's not a big deal when playing within your division but the bunch up the other AL series this way seems kind of strange and silly.


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