Thursday, May 12, 2005

The M's East coast road trip was a total disaster. Winning only 1 out of 3 in Boston wasn't bad, however the M's then went into New York and did the one thing we said in our show that they just couldn't do. They got swept by a bad Yankee team. When the hitting was there, the pitching wasn't, when they pitched well, they didn't score runs.

Jamie Moyer has had 3 miserable starts in a row. His last 3 starts has seen him pitch a total of 8.2 innings, giving up 27 hits, 17 runs, and watching his ERA go up 3 points. That's truly miserable.

The team has lost 9 out of 10 games are in danger of losing any goodwill they managed to generate at the start of the season by simply not being as bad as the 2004 team. With a team OBP of .309 and OPS of .672 they aren't providing the offensive numbers that the truly mediocre pitching staff needs to win. Only Randy Winn and the mighty Ichiro! are providing their expected offensive numbers.

It's already apparent that this team isn't going to contend. My stretch goal for the team is now a .500 record


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