Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'm glad that the MBSBL got San Shin back posting again. It's been very entertaining, especially his ten questions for Finnigan and Stone. And he got two answered. My favorite is definitely
Is this the worst bench in major league history? If Edgar gets injured, what abysmal hitter will replace him at DH? And seriously, will any Mariners bench players get a pinch hit all year? — Jeff, Bellingham
B. F.: No question, the bench is thin at this point. But the bench was supposed to be one of the strengths last year, and barely came into play. The most likely DH if Edgar gets hurt would be outfielder Quinton McCracken. Another option is use Scott Spiezio at DH, and have Willie Bloomquist play third base.

Yeah, Finnigan, that sounds like a great plan!?!? I thought this team wants to contend for the World Series. And oh by the way, you might want to add Sodo Oh No to you reading list.
Who do you think will be most improved this year in the Mariners rotation? — Mark C., Seattle
B. F.: The smart guess would be Ryan Franklin, if he gets more offensive help than he had last season, which is what the Mariners spent the winter trying to assemble. The longshot guess would be Freddy Garcia, going into his free-agent season.

I guess you missed John's last post comparing Franklin to Dave Fleming!.


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