Wednesday, January 07, 2004

It's taken me a while to post here. With every move that's happen this off season I thought that at least it can't get any worse...opps! Can this really be real? Is this really less embarrassing then just cutting him?

Cirillo -9.5 .203
Sweeney 4.0 1.93 (9 ML innings, 4.28 in 141 innings at AAA)
$4.775 M

Jarvis -13.0 5.87 (That VORP is 17th worst in MLB...unreal)
Gonzalez -2.4 .196 (VORP - Wilson: -4.0, Davis: 2.0...catcher is a disaster)
Hansen 4.6 .261

Wow, Hansen just became the best player on the "bench." Of course he can only play first and is left handed so he can't platoon with Olerud. I guess that we can say that the off season isn't over yet but is that really true. The roster is full. Jarvis clearly has no business being a major league pitcher, certainly not on a contending team, but unless he is cut he will take a roster spot while pitchers rot in the farm system. I can't even get excited about how bad the A's look right now since I am confident that they have a plan while the Mariners have none.

OK, I'm going back to work on the sim league I'm running, I need to take my mind off of this mess.


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