Thursday, May 13, 2004

I'm watching/listening to the Angels - Yanquis game. I'm sort of thankful that the M's are blacked out on The announcers just mentioned that the Angels have at least 1 extra base hit in every game this season. Empirically that sounds impressive. I wonder if it is?

One thing I do know is that the Angels are better than the pundits expected them to be this year. Neyer and the others pointed to their record last year and said that, while improved, the team had too much ground to make up to win the division. The "casual" fan remembered a world series winning team in 2002 and noted the additions of Vlad, Colon and Guillen and predicted the Angels contend in the AL West. Well, despite a slew of injuries the Angels have the best record in the AL after 20% of the season has been completed.

Oh yeah, Anaheim is 4th in the league in home attendance, averaging 39,358 fans per game, filling their park to 87.4% of capacity. Curious to know how the M's are drawing? 8th in the league at 35,630 per game but even more telling filling the park at only 74.6% of capacity. The team also draws for crap on the road as expected for a team with only 1 "superstar". Bold prediction of the day, Angels numbers continue to go up this year while the M's attendance continues to slide. Man I'm really going out a limb there, eh? My second bold prediction of the day, it will take the M's management at least two seasons of sliding attendance before they figure out the correlation between having a good team and drawing fans to the park.


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