Saturday, February 14, 2004

After reading some of the blogsphere's posts I went looking around on Retrosheet. Here's the boxscore I was looking for from 1997. Me and my buddy Jason decided to go to the game that night after work. We got the cheapest tickets at the gate (this is the Kingdome) and cruised around. As the fifth inning was starting we were looking at the stuff at the deep center field souvenir stand on the concourse at the top of the lower deck. We took a seat in the top row to watch the action. It was then I saw a sight I will never forget. Mark McGwire connected on a Randy Johnson fastball. It truly was the strangest sight as the ball was coming directly at us on a line. It just kept getting bigger and bigger, not appearing to move and any other direction. The guy in front of me caught the second row from the top of the section. Just incredible. Randy went all the way in the 4-1 loss. You just never know what you'll see when you go to the ballpark.


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