Monday, February 02, 2004

The mighty Patriots win their 2nd Super Bowl in 3 years. I moved away from Massachusetts only 13.5 short years ago and now they decide to get good :-) What's next, the Red Sox winning the World Series?

Frankly there isn't much to report on in these dark and dull February days. The M's brass probably have the unexpected Kaz money whittled down to $1.49 that they are free to spend. Bavasi has probably convinced himself that Dan Wilson is better than Pudge (as one incredible idiot wrote into the Times, published on Sunday 2/1). Lincoln probably watched the Patriots and used them as proof that a team of no superstars is superior to having 9 Barry Bonds on your squad. Bob Finnigan continues to prove that you can be a paid writer and have absolutely no knowledge of the subject matter you write about.

The MBSBL draft continues after Mike recovered from a server crash. We've crawled through 17 picks in 5 days. Mike and I snagged A-rod with pick #5 (hoping that somehow Bonds dropped into our laps, alas he was taken with the 4th pick) and continued with our strength up the middle strategy with Jim Edmonds in the #16 slot. It's pretty apparent that we have a classic mix of "pitching and defense" GMs and sabermetric GMs.

M's should be concentrating on Maglio Ordonez and/or Carlos Beltran but I have a sinking feeling that Bavasi is all tied up reading the manual for his new electric pencil sharpener.

"Bill, it's a pencil sharpener. Pens don't need to be sharpened." said Bill's exasperated administrative assistant.


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