Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Red Sox are on the cusp of signing Ellis Burks. A guaranteed $750,000 with potential to double it based on incentives. The article is here. That's a pretty good deal for top flight pinch hitter and potential DH platoon with David Ortiz. As the article mentions the Red Sox sped up their pursuit after the M's were mentioned as other possible suitors. Maybe Gillvasi is removing the rose colored glasses and taking a longer look at the anemic bench he's dealt Box. Too bad he's too late after Stairs and the rest of the low cost excellent hitters have already been gobbled up.

A quick perusal of the remaining free agents shows John Mabry (ha), Troy O'leary (anemic), Ron Coomer (decent vs. Lefties), Andres Galarraga (another decent left handed pitcher crusher) and Fred Mcgriff ( a righty crusher).

Most of these guys are either too old and hence expensive or too bad. Another case of being too late to the party.


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