Sunday, February 08, 2004

Several blogs pointed me to Paul DePodesta's article for the CSFB Leadership Forum The Genesis, Implementation, and Management of New Systems. What I knew of DePodesta was based on his portrayal in Michael Lewis' Moneyball. He was discussed extensively, by the Mariners blogsphere at least, while the Mariners were searching for a General Manager to replace the departing Pat Gillick. I remember agreeing with some of conventional wisdom at the time that he would be to much in the opposite direction and did not have enough respect for the "old school" to be effective in the organization.

After reading this article and getting a glimpse of DePodesta's intelligence and acumen, I now consider the hiring of Bill Bavasi to be a turning point moment for the Mariners. The Mariners organization has been riding a very successful run since the miraculous comeback in 1995. I truly do not believe that they will be able to maintain this success for much longer. The Mariners are an organization that is ripe for change. Imagine what would happen if DePodesta would bring his "Winning Baseball Operating System" to an organization with the financial resources of the Mariners.

By the end of the article I was feeling an array of emotions from disappointment to envy to anger. The hiring of Bavasi without any serious consideration of Paul DePodesta is a missed opportunity that I will not be able to forget.


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