Monday, February 09, 2004

Did everyone see Joe Sheehan's quick comments on the Angel's bullpen?
What's scary is that Shields is probably the #5 right-hander in the Angels' pen, behind Donnelly, Troy Percival (sixth on the list above), Francisco Rodriguez and Ben Weber. That's a ridiculous bullpen, a competitive advantage that not only means that the Angels will be tough when they have a lead, but they will have the ability to stay in games in which their starter gets knocked out early. Where most teams have a soft spot in the back of the pen--one the "take and rake" approach is designed to exploit--the Angels can bring out guys like Shields and Weber to keep games close.

Every time I consider the Angels, I like them a little bit more. That bullpen is just one big reason why.
Ugh! My expectations just get lower and lower.


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