Friday, February 27, 2004

Baseball Prospectus has the M's as part of today's free triple play. The BP guys come across as pretty bitter in this article. I'm sure they are trying to express sarcasm but it just reads as angry (sort of like the last Harry Potter book). Whoa...for a minute there I was channeling the Mariner Optimist.

Melvin, Melvin, Melvin.....either the great communicator is dumb like a fox in the quotes he gives the local scribes or the paralyzing brain disease that starts with Howard Lincoln is communicable. Actually I shouldn't call Lincoln dumb, lets just refer to him as a guy who either has no interest in winning or no ability to assemble an organization capable of winning. Pick the former or the latter and you still get the same results. The big question is, when (if ever) will the ordinary fan start to notice?


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