Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Octavio Dotel and Johan Santana have caused some controversy. I'll address the starter/reliever situation in this FAQ update.

Q: There are some pitchers marked as relievers but they started games in 2003. Can I use them in the starting rotation?
A: Probably. Diamond Mind has a rating for each pitcher as both a starter and a reliever. Unfortunately I did not notice this in my move this year from Strat-O-Matic. I only listed what the engine thinks is their primary role. Sorry for the confusion. I don't really have time to fix this for this go around, so if you have a question about whether a particular pitcher can start, drop me an email. For the pitchers in questions, Santana can be used as a starter, but Dotel cannot.

Q: Can I use a four man rotation?
A: No. All pitching rotations must have five pitchers. But, you can set your rotation to skip the fifth starter if off days make this possible.

Thanks to all who have been writing up some great posts on the draft, it's been very entertaining reading.


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