Sunday, February 15, 2004

A call for help...

I bought Diamond Mind Baseball mainly to run draft leagues, but I also want to use it for some simulation studies. My first idea is to run an AL West power study. I want to take the four teams and set up a balanced 162 game schedule just among the AL West. I'll run it 100 times and get the average results. The problem I finding is getting time to setup realistic rosters and lineups for the four teams. I tried to start with the projected lineups from Mariner Musings but I just don't have time to get it done. So, this is a shout out for help. If anyone want to send me some projected info, I'd appreciate it. What I need for each team is:
  • 25 man roster
  • Starting lineups vs Left and Right handed starters
  • Starting rotations
  • Bullpen with projected rolls (closer, setup vs. left and right, long relief, mop up)

    If you'd like to take this on drop me a line.



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