Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Well, we made the paper - no doubt thanks to John's clever name. If you're new here or to the Mariner blogsphere, welcome. Let me give you a little background.

During last season I eagerly looked forward to daily updates from the U.S.S Mariner. They provided a fresh and intelligent perspective on the Mariners that I just wasn't getting from the local papers. Let's face it, the sports media has a fairly large conflict of interest. They need to keep good relationships with the players in order to get their quotes and with the management to keep their access. You never found any articles in the paper pointing out the fact that, while Dan Wilson is certainly from all appearances a great human being, that does no change the fact that he was one of the worst catchers in the major leagues, just as an example.

I was content to just be a reader until the hiring of Bill Bavasi and the strange and bizarre off-season moves began. John and I weren't the only ones as there seemed to be a new blog everyday for a while there. The count is over 20 now and each is interesting in its own way.

I hope you enjoy you tour around the blogsphere. I'd also like to point you to Baseball Prospectus, a great general baseball site that helped me gain a much greater understanding of the game.

Have fun!


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