Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hey, I was at that game also. We were sitting down the 3rd base line, directly in front of the M's bullpen. (Remember the"bullpen" in the kingdome? Basically 2 pseudo mounds down the line complete with folding chairs for the relievers). We went to the game early to watch RJ warm up. What a site that was. This gangly 6 foot 10 inch guy, with long stringy hair letting it all air out warming up. We were about 15 feet away from him. That day is when I truly appreciated the skill required to play in the major leagues. I'm talking about anybody with the cajones to stand in against RJ and those few that manage to actually hit a ball pitched by him. Even when I rag on players like Quinton McCracken I realize that he is one of the elite few who's been able to reach the top rung in baseball. That does take talent.

Anyway, I digress...When Big Mac connected off of RJ you could hear the crowd go completely silent and then everyone just let out collective oooooohhhhhhhhh as the ball sailed into left field where no ball ever went before. It was mammoth. There was no parabola. The ball seemed to launch directly off his bat to about 100 feet in the air where it stayed on a line until it finally hit an immovable object. Frankly I half expected the ball to explode out the back wall of the dome and continue its trajectory.

Hey, I'm out of here for a week in the snow at Big White. I'm sure Mike will continue our drafting strategy if Jeff Shaw would ever let a player we wanted slip through to us and hopefully we'll be finished all 25 round in MBSBL when I get back. I'm also hoping that the Kings of VORP in my other league continue to get amazing starting pitching and some contribution from my 1st base platoon.


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